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                  A1 Alkuperäisartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
                        Original research article in a scientific journal
                        Originalartikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift



Alahyari,A. & Jooshaki, M. (2023). Fast energy management approach for the aggregated residential load and storage under uncertainty.
Journal of Energy Storage, 62.

Baják, P., Molnár, B., Hegedűs-Csondor, K., Tiljander, M., Jobbágy, V., Kohuth-Ötvös, V., Izsák, B., Vargha, M., Horváth, Á., Csipa, E., Óvári, M., Tóbi, C., Völgyesi, P., Pelczar, K., Hult, M. & Erőss, A. (2023). Natural Radioactivity in Drinking Water in the Surroundings of a Metamorphic Outcrop in Hungary: The Hydrogeological Answer to Practical Problems. Water, 15, 1637.

Bohm K., Kaakinen A., Stevens T., Lahaye Y., O'Brien H., Tang H., Shang Y., Zhang H. & Lu H. (2023). Neogene global climate change and East Asian dust sources: Combined rutile geochemistry and zircon U-Pb analysis from the northern Chinese Loess Plateau. Global and Planetary Change, (221), 104049.

Chashchin, V. V., Karinen, T., & Savchenko, Y. E. (2023). Location, chemical content, and origin of Loveringite from Paleoproterozoic layered intrusions of the Fennoscandian Shield: The Syöte block of the Koillismaa, Finland, and the Nyud of the Monchegorsk pluton, Russia. Lithos, 442-443, 107073.

Chen, Y., Kuva, J., Mohite, A., Li, Z., Rahier, H., Al-Neshawy, F. & Shu, J. (2023). Investigation of the Internal Structure of Hardened 3D-Printed Concrete by X-CT Scanning and Its Influence on the Mechanical Performance. Materials, 16, 2534.

Hector, S., Patten, C. G. C., Kolb, J., de Araujo Silva, A., Walter, B. F., & Molnár, F. (2023). Orogenic Au deposits with atypical metal association (Cu, Co, Ni): Insights from the Pohjanmaa belt, estern Finland. Ore Geology Reviews, 154, 105326.

Hietala, S., Henkel, H. and Plado, J. (2023). Petrographic studies and mineralogical characterization of the Dellen impactites. Meteoritics & Planetary Science.

Hoang, B. H., Fyhn, M. B. W., Hovikoski, J., Boldreel, L. O., Tuan, N. Q., Dam, M. H., . . . Abatzis, I. (2023). Cenozoic structural development of the western flank of the Song Hong Basin, Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam: Linking with onshore strike-slip faulting and regional tectonics. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 246, 105581.

Karpin, V., Heinsalu, A., Ojala, A.E.K. & Virtasalo, J.J. (2023). Offshore murtoos indicate warm-based Fennoscandian ice-sheet conditions during the Bølling warming in the northern Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea. Geomorphology 430, 108655.

Kehusmaa, K., Kauppila, T., Österholm, P., Juntunen, J., & Saarni, S. (2023). Properties and Stability of Mining-Induced Meromixis in Two Small Boreal Lakes in Eastern Finland. Mine Water and the Environment, 42(1), 24–39.

Liu, S. L., Fan, H. F., Liu, X., Meng, J., Butcher, A. R., Yann, L., . . . Li, X. -. (2023). Global rare earth elements projects: New developments and supply chains. Ore Geology Reviews, 157, 105428.

Liu, X., Richard, A., Pironon, J. & Rusk, B.G. (2023). Vein Formation and Reopening in a Cooling Yet Intermittently Pressurized Hydrothermal System: The Single-Intrusion Tongchang Porphyry Cu Deposit. Geosciences, 13, 107.

Marques, C., Cutts, K. A., Cabral, A. R., Lana, C., Rios, F. J., & Buick, I. (2023). Dating hydrothermal processes related to the formation of the Lagoa Real uranium deposits using in situ U–Pb dating of andradite and titanite. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 123, 104239.

Moradi-Sarvestani, S., Jooshaki, M., Fotuhi-Firuzabad, M., & Lehtonen, M. (2023). Incorporating direct load control demand response into active distribution system planning. Applied Energy, 339, 120897.

Nunes Manoel, T., Cutts, K., Heilbron, M., Luvizotto, G., Bruno, H., Lana, C., . . . de Morrison Valeriano, C. (2023). The polyphase evolution of the mafic rocks of the Juiz de Fora Complex: The record of two supercontinent cycles. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 124.

Nuppunen-Puputti, M., Kietäväinen, R., Kukkonen, I., & Bomberg, M. (2023). Implications of a short carbon pulse on biofilm formation on mica schist in microcosms with deep crystalline bedrock groundwater. Frontiers in Microbiology, 14, 1054084.

Paul, K.M., van Helmond, N.A.G.M., Slomp, C.P., Jokinen, S.A., Virtasalo, J.J., Filipsson, H.L. & Jilbert, T. 2023: Sedimentary molybdenum and uranium: improving proxies for deoxygenation in coastal depositional environments. Chemical Geology, 615, 121203.

Piilo, S. R., Väliranta, M. M., Amesbury, M. J., Aquino-López, M. A., Charman, D. J., Gallego-Sala, A., . . ., Laine, A. M., ... Tuittila, E. & Zhang, H. (2023). Consistent centennial-scale change in European sub-Arctic peatland vegetation towards Sphagnum dominance – implications for carbon sink capacity. Global Change Biology, 29(6), 1530-1544.

Singh, B. & Malinowski, M. (2023). Seismic Imaging of Mineral Exploration Targets: Evaluation of Ray- vs. Wave-Equation-Based Pre-Stack Depth Migrations for Crooked 2D Profiles. Minerals, 13, 264.

Skyttä, P., Nordbäck, N., Ojala, A., Putkinen, N., Aaltonen, I., Engström, J., Mattila, J., & Ovaskainen, N. 2023. The interplay of bedrock fractures and glacial erosion in defining the present-day land surface topography in mesoscopically isotropic crystalline rocks. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.

Soares, A., Edwards, A., An, D., Bagnoud, A., Bradley, J., Barnhart, E., . . ., Purkamo, L., ... Wouters, K. & Mitchell, A. C. (2023). A global perspective on bacterial diversity in the terrestrial deep subsurface. Microbiology (United Kingdom), 169(1).

Tóth, Á., Baják, P., Szijártó, M., Tiljander, M., Korkka-Niemi, K., Hendriksson, N. & Mádl-Szőnyi, J. (2023). Multimethodological Revisit of the Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction in the Balaton Highland Region—Implications for the Overlooked Groundwater Component of Lake Balaton, Hungary. Water, 15, 1006.

Tähtikarhu, M., & Okkonen, J. (2023). Analyzing Groundwater Recharge and Vadose Zone Dynamics by Combining Soil Moisture and Groundwater Level Data with a Numerical Model in Subarctic Conditions. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 28(4).

Yang, K. F., Fan, H. R., Pirajno, F., & Liu, X. (2023). Magnesium isotope fractionation in differentiation of mafic-alkaline-carbonatitic magma and Fe-P-REE-rich melt at Bayan Obo, China. Ore Geology Reviews, 157, 105466.

Yu, Y., Perumal, P., Corfe, I. J., Paul, T., Illikainen, M., & Luukkonen, T. (2023). Combined granulation–alkali activation–direct foaming process: A novel route to porous geopolymer granules with enhanced adsorption properties. Materials and Design, 227, 111781.





                  A2  Katsausartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
                        Översiktsartikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift
                        Review article, Literature review, Systematic review



Arévalo-Martínez, D.L., Haroon, A., Bange, H.W., Erkul, E., Jegen, M., Moosdorf, N., Schneider von Deimling, J., Berndt, C., Böttcher, M.E., Hoffmann, J., Liebetrau, V., Mallast, U., Massmann, G., Micallef, A., Michael, H.A., Paasche, H., Rabbel, W., Santos, I., Scholten, J., Schwalenberg, K., Szymczycha, B., Thomas, A.T., Virtasalo, J.J., Waska, H. & Weymer, B. 2023: Ideas and perspectives: land-ocean connectivity through groundwater. Biogeosciences 20, 647–662, 

Liu, S., Fan, H.-R., Santosh, M., Liu, X., Wang, Q.-W., & Butcher, A. R. (2023). Geological resources of scandium: A review from a Chinese perspective. International Geology Review, 1–22.

Räsänen, A., Albrecht, E., Annala, M., Aro, L., Laine, A. M., Maanavilja, L., . . . Tolvanen, A. (2023). After-use of peat extraction sites – A systematic review of biodiversity, climate, hydrological and social impacts. Science of the Total Environment, 882.



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