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      A     Vertaisarvioidut tieteelliset artikkelit   

              Peer-reviewed scientific articles      

              Granskade vetenskapliga artiklar


                  A1 Alkuperäisartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
                        Original research article in a scientific journal
                        Originalartikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift


Avarmaa, K., Strengell, D., Johto, H., Latostenmaa, P., O’Brien, H. & Taskinen, P. (2022). Solubility of Chromium in DON Smelting. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 43 (2), 201-208.

Baják, P., Csondor, K., Pedretti, D., Muniruzzaman, M., Surbeck, H., Izsák, B., Vargha, M., Horváth, Á., Pándics, T. & Erőss, A. (2022). Refining the conceptual model for radionuclide mobility in groundwater in the vicinity of a Hungarian granitic complex using geochemical modeling. Applied Geochemistry, 137, 105201.

Baják, P., Hegedűs-Csondor, K., Tiljander, M., Korkka-Niemi, K., Surbeck, H., Izsák, B., Vargha, M., Horváth, Á., Pándics, T. & Erőss, A. (2022). Integration of a Shallow Soda Lake into the Groundwater Flow System by Using Hydraulic Evaluation and Environmental Tracers. Water, 14, 951.

Chamarczuk, M., Malinowski, M., Draganov, D., Koivisto, E., Heinonen, S., & Rötsä, S. (2022). Reflection imaging of complex geology in a crystalline environment using virtual-source seismology: Case study from the Kylylahti polymetallic mine, Finland. Solid Earth, 13 (3), 705-723.

Chen, M., Avarmaa, K., Taskinen, P., Michallik, R. & Jokilaakso, A. (2022). Investigation on the Matte/Slag/Spinel/Gas Equilibria in the Cu-Fe-O-S-SiO2-(CaO, Al2O3) system at 1250 °C and pSO2 of 0.25 atm. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review.

Chen, M., Wan, X., Taskinen, P., Sukhomlinov, D., Shi, J., Michallik, R., & Jokilaakso, A. (2022). Phase equilibria in TiO2-rich part of the MgO–CaO–TiO2 system at 1500–1600 °C. Ceramics International.

Chudasama, B. (2022). Fuzzy inference systems for mineral prospectivity modeling-optimized using Monte Carlo simulations. MethodsX, 9, 101629.

Czauner, B., Molnár, F., Masetti, M., Arola, T. & Mádl-Szőnyi, J. (2022). Groundwater Flow System-Based Dynamic System Approach for Geofluids and Their Resources. Water, 14, 1015.

Dalton, A. S., Pico, T., Gowan, E. J., Clague, J. J., Forman, S. L., McMartin, I., Sarala, P. & Helmens, K. F. (2022). The marine δ18O record overestimates continental ice volume during marine isotope stage 3. Global and Planetary Change, 212, 103814.

Davoudi, M., Jooshaki, M., Moeini-Aghtaie, M., Hossein Barmayoon, M., Aien, M. (2022). Developing a multi-objective multi-layer model for optimal design of residential complex energy systems. International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 138, 107889.

Dehaine, Q., Tijsseling, L.T., Rollinson, G.K., Buxton, M.W.N. & Glass, H.J. (2022). Geometallurgical characterisation with portable ftir: Application to sediment‐hosted cu‐co ores. Minerals, 12 (1), 15.

Eerola, T. (2022). Corporate conduct, commodity and place: Ongoing mining and mineral exploration disputes in Finland and their implications for the social license to operate. Resources Policy, 76, 102568.

Estévez, V., Beucher, A., Mattbäck, S., Boman, A., Auri, J., Björk, K.-M., Österholm, P. (2022). Machine learning techniques for acid sulfate soil mapping in southeastern Finland. Geoderma, 406, 115446.

Forootani, A., Rastegar, M. & Jooshaki, M. (2022). An Advanced Satisfaction-Based Home Energy Management System Using Deep Reinforcement Learning. IEEE Access, 10, 47896-47905.

Hoang, B.H., Fyhn, M.B.W., Tuan, N.Q., Toan, D.M., Hovikoski, J., Boldreel, L.O., Long, H.V., Nielsen, L.H. & Abatzis, I. (2022). Structures and sand injectites in Oligocene deep-lacustrine deposits, Bach Long Vi island, Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam: Integrating UAV imaging with modern field work methods. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 140, 105645.

Hulisz, P., Różański, S.Ł., Boman, A. & Rauchfleisz, M. (2022). Can acid sulfate soils from the southern Baltic zone be a source of potentially toxic elements (PTEs)? Science of the Total Environment, 825, 154003.

Jackisch, R., Heincke, B.H., Zimmermann, R., Sørensen, E.V., Pirttijärvi, M., Kirsch, M., Salmirinne, H., Lode, S., Kuronen, U.& Gloaguen, R. (2022). Drone-based magnetic and multispectral surveys to develop a 3D model for mineral exploration at Qullissat, Disko Island, Greenland. Solid Earth, 13 (4), 793-825.

Janik, T., Wójcik, D., Ponikowska, M., Mazur, S., Skrzynik, T., Malinowski, M. & Hübscher, C. (2022). Crustal structure across the Teisseyre-Tornquist Zone offshore Poland based on a new refraction/wide-angle reflection profile and potential field modelling.  Tectonophysics, 229271.

Johansson, Å., Bingen, B., Huhma, H., Waight, T., Vestergaard, R., Soesoo, A., Skridlaite, G., Krzeminska, E., Shumlyanskyy, L., Holland, M.E., Holm-Denoma, C., Teixeira, W., Faleiros, F.M., Ribeiro, B.V., Jacobs, J., Wang, C.-C., Thomas, R.B., Macey, P.M., Kirkland, C.L., Hartnady, M.I.H., Eglington, B.M., Puetz, S.J. & Condie, K.C. (2022). A geochronological review of magmatism along the external margin of Columbia and in the Grenville-age orogens forming the core of Rodinia. Precambrian Research, 371, 106463.

Karlsson, T., Kauppila, P.M., Lehtonen, M., Alakangas, L. & Kauppila, T. (2022). Sulfur analyses and mineralogical data in the preliminary mine waste characterization.  Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 194, 437.

Klein, J., Käyhkö, J., Räsänen, A., Groundstroem, F., & Eilu, P. (2022). Climate risk perception, management, and adaptation in the Nordic mining sector. The Extractive Industries and Society, 101092.

Kokkonen, N., Laine, A.M., Männistö, E., Mehtätalo, L., Korrensalo, A. & Tuittila, E.-S. (2022). Two Mechanisms Drive Changes in Boreal Peatland Photosynthesis Following Long-Term Water Level Drawdown: Species Turnover and Altered Photosynthetic Capacity. Ecosystems.

Köykkä, J., Lahtinen, R., Manninen, T. (2022). Tectonic evolution, volcanic features and geochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic Salla belt, northern Fennoscandia: From 2.52 to 2.40 Ga LIP stages to ca. 1.92–1.90 Ga collision. Precambrian Research, 371, 106597.

Laine, A. M., Korrensalo, A., & Tuittila, E. (2022). Plant functional traits play the second fiddle to plant functional types in explaining peatland CO2 and CH4 gas exchange. Science of the Total Environment, 834, 155352.

Laukkanen, J., Takaluoma, E., Runtti, H., Mäkinen, J., Kauppila, T., Hellsten, S., Luukkonen, T. & Lassi, U. (2022). In situ remediation of metal(loid)-contaminated lake sediments with alkali-activated blast furnace slag granule amendment: A field experiment. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 22, 1054–1067.

Luodes, N., Sihvonen, T., Panova, E., Paakkunainen, M., Härmä, P., & Reinikainen, S. (2022). Study supporting restoration of rapakivi granite in St. Petersburg. Resources Policy, 77, 102713.

Martinsen, G., Bessiere, H., Caballero, Y., Koch, J., Collados-Lara, A.J., Mansour, M., Sallasmaa, O., Pulido-Velazquez, D., Williams, N.H., Zaadnoordijk, W.J., Stisen, S. (2022). Developing a pan-European high-resolution groundwater recharge map – Combining satellite data and national survey data using machine learning. Science of the Total Environment, 822, 153464.

Miettinen, H., Bomberg, M., Bes, R., Tiljander, M. & Vikman, M. (2022). Transformation of inherent microorganisms in Wyoming-type bentonite and their effects on structural iron. Applied Clay Science, 221, 106465. 

Moreau, J.-G., Jõeleht, A., Aruväli, J., Heikkilä, M.J., Stojic, A.N., Thomberg, T., Plado, J. & Hietala, S. (2022). Bulk synthesis of stoichiometric/meteoritic troilite (FeS) by high-temperature pyrite decomposition and pyrrhotite melting. Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

Nad, A., Jooshaki, M., Tuominen, E., Michaux, S., Kirpala, A. & Newcomb, J. (2022). Digitalization Solutions in the Mineral Processing Industry: The Case of GTK Mintec, Finland. Minerals, 12(2):210.

Niu, H., Helser, J., Corfe, I. J., Kuva, J., Butcher, A. R., Cappuyns, V., Kinnunen, P. & Illikainen, M. (2022). Incorporation of bioleached sulfidic mine tailings in one-part alkali-activated blast furnace slag mortar. Construction and Building Materials, 333, 127195.

Nordbäck, N., Mattila, J., Zwingmann, H., Viola, G. (2022). Precambrian fault reactivation revealed by structural and K-Ar geochronological data from the spent nuclear fuel repository in Olkiluoto, southwestern Finland. Tectonophysics, 824, 229208.

Nuppunen-Puputti, M., Kietäväinen, R., Raulio, M., Soro, A., Purkamo, L., Kukkonen, I., & Bomberg, M. (2022). Epilithic microbial community functionality in deep oligotrophic continental bedrock. Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, 826048.

Ovaskainen, N., Nordbäck, N., Skyttä, P.& Engström, J. (2022). A new subsampling methodology to optimize the characterization of two-dimensional bedrock fracture networks. Journal of Structural Geology, 155, 104528.

Pétré, M-A., Salk, K. R., Stapleton, H. M., Ferguson, P. L., Tait, G., Obenour, D. R.,Knappe, D.R.U. & Genereux, D. P. (2022). Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in river discharge: Modeling loads upstream and downstream of a PFAS manufacturing plant in the cape fear watershed, North Carolina. Science of the Total Environment, 831, 154763.

Pieretti, M., Karlsson, T., Arvilommi, S., & Muniruzzaman, M. (2022). Challenges in predicting the reactivity of mine waste rocks based on kinetic testing: Humidity cell tests and reactive transport modeling. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Vol 237, 106996.

Raič, S., Molnár, F., Cook, N., O'Brien, H., & Lahaye, Y. (2022). Application of lithogeochemical and pyrite trace element data for the determination of vectors to ore in the Raja Au–Co prospect, northern Finland. Solid Earth, 13, 271–299,

Salminen, P. E., Hölttä, P., Lahtinen, R., & Sayab, M. (2022). Monazite record for the Paleoproterozoic Svecofennian orogeny, SE Finland: An over 150-ma spread of monazite dates. Lithos, 416-417, 106654.

Wasiljeff, J., Salminen, J.M., Stenman, J. Zhang, Z. & Kaakinen, A. (2022). Oligocene moisture variations as evidenced by an aeolian dust sequence in Inner Mongolia, China. Scientific Reports, 12, 5597.

Zhang, Y., Fan, H., Santosh, M., Xie, L., Hu, F., Liu, X., Hu, H. & Li, X. (2022). Iron and sulfur isotope fractionation during pyrite dissolution-reprecipitation revealed by in-situ isotopic analyses in the muping gold deposit (Jiaodong, China). Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 230, 105217.

Åberg, S.C., Korkka-Niemi, K., Rautio, A., Åberg, A.K. (2022). The effect of river regulation on groundwater flow patterns and the hydrological conditions of an aapa mire in northern Finland. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 40, 101044.





                  A2  Katsausartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
                        Översiktsartikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift
                        Review article, Literature review, Systematic review



Kuliński, K., Rehder, G., Asmala, E., Bartosova, A., Carstensen, J., Gustafsson, B., Hall, P. O. J., Humborg, C., Jilbert, T., Jürgens, K., Meier, H. E. M., Müller-Karulis, B., Naumann, M., Olesen, J. E., Savchuk, O., Schramm, A., Slomp, C. P., Sofiev, M., Sobek, A., Szymczycha, B., and Undeman, E.(2022). Biogeochemical functioning of the Baltic Sea. Earth system dynamics, 13, 633–685.

Newham, E., Gill, P.G. & Corfe, I.J. (2022). New tools suggest a middle Jurassic origin for mammalian endothermy: Advances in state-of-the-art techniques uncover new insights on the evolutionary patterns of mammalian endothermy through time. BioEssays.




                     A4  Artikkeli konferenssijulkaisussa
                           Article in  conference proceedings
                           Artikel i konferenspublikation



Lähivaara, T., Malehmir, A., Pasanen, A., Kärkkäinen, L., Huttunen, J.M.J. & Hesthaven, J.S. (2022). Deep learning-based groundwater storage estimation from seismic data. In: Conference Proceedings, Second EAGE Conference on Seismic Inversion, Feb 2022, Volume 2022, 1-5.




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