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                  A1  Alkuperäisartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
                         Original research article in a scientific journal
                         Originalartikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift



Ahokangas, E., Mäkinen, J., Artimo, A., Pasanen, A., & Vanhala, H. (2020). Interlobate esker aquifer characterization by high resolution seismic reflection method with landstreamer in SW Finland. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 177, 104014.

Al-Ani, T., Leinonen, S.,  Ahtola, T.& Salvador, D. (2020). High-Grade Flake Graphite Deposits in Metamorphic Schist Belt, Central Finland—Mineralogy and Beneficiation of Graphite for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications. Minerals 10 (8), 680.

Bevins, R. E., Pirrie, D., Ixer, R. A., O'Brien, H., Pearson, M. P., Power, M. R., & Shail, R. K. (2020). Constraining the provenance of the Stonehenge ‘Altar Stone’: Evidence from automated mineralogy and U–Pb zircon age dating. Journal of Archaeological Science, 2020, 120, 105188.

Chopin, F., Korja, A., Nikkilä, K., Hölttä, P., Korja, T., Abdel Zaher, M., Kurhila, M., Eklund, O. & Rämö, O. T. ( 2020). The Vaasa migmatitic complex (Svecofennian orogen, Finland): Buildup of a LP‐HT dome during Nuna assembly. Tectonics, 39, e2019TC005583.

Dalton, H., Giuliani, A., O'Brien, H., Phillips, D., & Hergt, J. (2020). The role of lithospheric heterogeneity on the composition of kimberlite magmas from a single field: The case of Kaavi-Kuopio, Finland. Lithos, 354-355, 105333.

Dalton, H., Giuliani, A., Phillips, D., Hergt, J., Maas, R., Matchan, E., Woodhead, J. & O'Brien, H. (2020). A comparison of geochronological methods commonly applied to kimberlites and related rocks: Three case studies from finland. Chemical Geology, 119899.

Dańczak, A., Klemettinen, L., Kurhila, M., Taskinen, P., Lindberg, D. & Jokilaakso, A. (2020). Behavior of Battery Metals Lithium, Cobalt, Manganese and Lanthanum in Black Copper Smelting. Batteries, 6 (1), 16.

Davey, S. C., Bleeker, W., Kamo, S. L., Vuollo, J., Ernst, R. E., & Cousens, B. L. (2020). Archean block rotation in Western Karelia: Resolving dyke swarm patterns in metacraton Karelia-Kola for a refined paleogeographic reconstruction of supercraton Superia. Lithos, 105553.

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Finnäs, V., Lill, J., Heimbrand, Y., Blass, M., Saarinen, T., Lahaye, Y., Jokikokko, E. & Hägerstrand, H. (2020). Prevalence of stocked whitefish in River Kemijoki, Finland, inferred by micro X-ray fluorescence analysis of otoliths. Fisheries management and ecology.

Gischig, V. S., Giardini, D., Amann, F., Hertrich, M., Krietsch, H., Loew, S., ... Kittilä, A.. . . Valley, B. (2020).
Hydraulic stimulation and fluid circulation experiments in underground laboratories: Stepping up the scale towards engineered geothermal systems. Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment, 2020, 24, 100175.

Guntoro, P. I., Ghorbani, Y., Butcher, A. R., Kuva, J. & Rosenkranz, J. (2020). Textural Quantification and Classification of Drill Cores for Geometallurgy: Moving Toward 3D with X-ray Microcomputed Tomography (µCT). Natural Resources Research.

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Heikkinen, M., Karimo, A., Klein, J., Juhola, S., & Ylä-Anttila, T. (2020). Transnational municipal networks and climate change adaptation: A study of 377 cities. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Helama, S., Kuoppamaa, M., & Sutinen, R. (2020). Subaerially preserved remains of pine stemwood as indicators of late holocene timberline fluctuations in fennoscandia, with comparisons of tree-ring and 14C dated depositional histories of subfossil trees from dry and wet sites. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 104223.

Herranen, T. & Toivonen, T. (2020). Turpeen alkuainemääritykset Geologian tutkimuskeskuksessa – tuloksia laajasta analyysiaineistosta. Suo 71(1): 25–45.

Hokka, J. (2020). Geology, alteration and lithogeochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic Korpela VMS occurrence in Eastern Finland. Mineralium Deposita.

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Mining tailings as a raw material for glass-bonded thermally sprayed ceramic coatings: Microstructure and properties.
Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 40, 12, 4111-4121.

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Åström M.E., Changxun Y., Virtasalo J.J., Österholm P., Peltola P., Burton E.D., Hogmalm K.J. & Ojala A.E.K. (2020). Extensive accumulation of rare earth elements in estuarine sediments affected by leaching of acid sulfate soils. Boreal Environment Research 25, 105–120.



                      A2  Katsausartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
                             Översiktsartikel i en vetenskaplig tidskrift
                             Review article, Literature review, Systematic review


Földessy, J., Molnár, F., & Biró, L. (2020). Ércföldtan magyarországon a Földtani Közlöny 150 évének tükrében. Földtani Közlöny, 150(2), 315-334.



                   A3  Luku tai artikkeli tieteellisessä kirjassa  
                         Chapter or article in a scientific book   
                         Kapitel eller artikel i vetenskaplig bok


Ryabchuk,D., Orlova, M., Kaskela, A., Kotilainen, A., Sergeev, A., Sukhacheva, L., Zhamoida, V., Budanov, L. & Neevin, I. (2020). The eastern Gulf of Finland—brackish water estuary under natural conditions and anthropogenic stress. In Seafloor Geomorphology as Benthic Habitat: GeoHab Atlas of Seafloor Geomorphic Features and Benthic Habitats, (Second Edition), Pages 281-301. ISBN: 978-0-12-814960-7.




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     Scientific books

     Vetenskapliga böcker


                     C1  Kustannettu tieteellinen erillisteos
                           Separat utgivet vetenskapligt verk


Rasilainen, K., Eilu, P., Huovinen, I., Konnunaho, J., Niiranen, T., Ojala, J. & Törmänen, T. (2020). Quantitative assessment of undiscovered resources in Kuusamo-type Co-Au deposits in Finland. Geological Survey of Finland, Bulletin, 410.




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